Yumiba Trading Co., LTD. wholesales and distributes various products to hardware stores, building supply stores and retailers in Kagoshima, Miyazaki and Kumamoto. We keep updated on domestic and international information to work with manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers to sell better products and conduct detailed proposals.

  • Bicycles

    • Utility bikes
    • Kids bikes
    • Folding bikes
    • Mountain bikes
    • Road bikes
    • City bikes
    • Electric bikes
  • Nursing Care Goods

    Nursing Care Goods
    • Walkers for seniors
    • Shopping carts
    • Wheel chairs
    • Welfare vehicles for seniors
    • Mobility scooters for seniors
    • Handrails, ramps
    • Barrier free products
  • Barrier free products

    Barrier free products
    • Work gloves
    • Safety boots, boots, work shoes, tabi socks
    • Rain gear, cold weather gear
    • Work clothes, aprons
    • Hats, straw hats
    • Hats, straw hats
    • Cold weather gear (general/industrial/special purpose)
    • Socks in general
  • Gardening Supplies

    Gardening Supplies
    • Kanuma soil, akadama soil, bora soil, pumice stone
    • Leaf mold, bark, peat moss
    • Organic and chemical fertilizers
    • Slaked lime, garden lime
    • Soil conditioner
    • Peat moss, perlite, vermiculite
    • Designated fertilizers for farmers
    • Hose reels, hoses in different lengths (professional/special/general purpose)
    • Sprinklers
    • Plant stands, free-standing planters
    • Palm mats, green houses and more
  • Car Supplies

    Car Supplies
    • Car wax, car shampoo
    • General car wash supplies (for car body parts, glass, and tires)
    • Car chemicals, lubricants
    • Paint, repair parts, abrasives
    • Light bulbs, valves
    • Air fresheners
    • Interior accessories, film, radar, battery chargers
    • Car interior equipment, parts for decotora (decorated truck), electrical components
    • Cushions, mats, other fabric materials
    • Infant car seats
    • Batteries, oils in general
    • Mirrors, guards, car jacks
    • Battery jumper cables, rotating beacon lights
    • Gas cans
    • Car GPS navigation systems, DVD players, ETC (transit card machines)
    • Helmets, motorcycle parts
  • Outdoor Goods

    Outdoor Goods
    • BBQ supplies
    • Camping supplies (tents, camping chairs and more)
    • Umbrellas, benches
    • BBQ Charcoal (directly imported)
    • Pools, pool floats, boats, swimming goggles
  • Interior Goods, Furniture

    Interior Goods, Furniture
    • Small interior pieces
    • Tables, desks, chairs, kitchen carts
    • Wooden racks, metal racks
    • Electric adjustable beds, nursing care beds, baby high chairs
    • Business tables, low tables, office furnitures
    • Rattan furniture, bamboo furniture
    • Rattan swivel chair, sitting stool (for sitting in a Japanese sitting position, seiza)
    • Bamboo blinds, carpet, floor mats, artificial grass, igusa mattresses
    • Puzzle mats, cork floor mats
    • Baby sofa chairs, baby chairs
    • Storage cases and more
  • Event Supplies

    Event Supplies
    • Illumination lights
    • LED lights, twinkle lights
    • Tube lights, snowfall lights
    • Motif lights
    • Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths
    • Fiber optic trees
    • Tinsel decorations, pattern papers, silhouette garden lights
    • Ornaments, snow spray
    • Dancing Santa Clauses, other dolls
    • Fireworks
    • Decorations for the New Year
    • Traditional Japanese New Year decorations including kadomatsu (decorative pine branches) and shimenawa (woven straw rope)
  • DIY Supplies

    DIY Supplies
    • Plasterers mixing baths, containers, toolboxs
    • Carts
    • Letter/Mail boxes
    • Incinerators, garbage cans
    • Garden Parasols
    • Blue tarps
    • Extension cords, electric reels
    • Toolboxes, fuel for DIY
    • Hand lamps, flood lights
    • Sinks
  • Farm Supplies

    Farm Supplies
    • Wheelbarrows, wheelbarrow tires
    • Small moving chairs to use when gardening/farming, container trolleys
    • Azenami (a sheet to protect farmed land from becoming overrun with weeds), ploughs, Stretch film
    • Paddy rice bags, tiger rope
    • Packaging material
    • Band for greenhouse film
    • Other farming supplies
  • Sporting Goods

    Sporting Goods
    • General sporting goods
    • Ground golf
  • Toys

    • RC airplanes, RC cars
    • Friction cars, general toys
    • Cork building blocks, puzzle mats
    • Tricycles

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