Imported Goods

We import bicycles (utility bicycles, women’s bicycles, folding bicycles, mountain bikes) and bicycle-related products from Asian countries, outdoor goods, gardening supplies, building materials, promotional products, and various private label products which are mainly sold to hardware stores in southern Kyushu. Raw materials are mainly imported from Asian countries. Imports include krill, fishmeal, tapioca starch and other raw materials for compound aquaculture feed; chemical fertilizers such as urea and monocalcium phosphate; wood powder for incense sticks; agricultural materials; and raw materials custom-ordered by customers, which are mainly sold to manufacturers and wholesalers.

Merchandise for hardware stores, specialty stores, and retail stores

Item Product Description Notes
Bicycle Direct import of utility bikes, city bikes, folding bikes, and kids bikes mainly from Japanese manufacturers’ Taiwanese and Chinese factories, bicycle parts, and pumps. The products are contract manufactured to meet domestic demand for specifications and grades.
1,000 bicycles are always in stock at our company warehouse.
Car Supplies Car vacuum cleaners, car mats Directly imported from overseas factories with a proven track record for domestic use.
Building Materials Australian bricks, stones (pavement, gravel, teppeiseki), tiles and more. Sold to hardware stores by the container.
Daily Necessities and Goods Products specially made for retail stores such as sales promotion goods and giveaways. Planned and imported upon request.
Outdoor Goods Pop up tents, camping chairs and more.
Event Supplies Decoration lights, Christmas trees, motif display lights and other small decorative items. Planned and imported in line with market trends and customer demand by collaborating with manufacturers every year.

Industrial Material, Agricultural and Fishery Material, Raw Material

Item Product Description Notes
Compound Feed Krill, fish meat, tapioca starch, and other raw materials used as aquaculture feed ingredients are directly imported from overseas markets and sold to domestic manufacturers. Freshness and quality is scrutinized and imported upon request from domestic manufacturers.
Fertilizer Chemical fertilizers such as urea and calcium monophosphate are directly imported from overseas to meet domestic demand, and wholesaled to Japan. We are currently expanding our product line.
Soil Conditioner Bark, coco pear, and palm tree fronds in a net (material to create compost) are imported and wholesaled to Japan.
Agricultural and Livestock Materials Stretch films and other numerous nets are imported and wholesaled to Japan.
Incense Stick Material Joss powder is imported from overseas markets and wholesaled to domestic manufactures.
Food Food including raw material for minced fish, chickpeas and green curry are imported and sold.

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