About our privacy policy

With the establishment of the following privacy policy, Yumiba Trading Co., LTD. (hereinafter, the “Company”) promotes the protection of personal information by constructing a mechanism to protect personal information and ensuring that all employees recognize the importance of the protection of personal information while also implementing thorough measures toward the protection thereof.

Management of Personal Information

In order to maintain the personal information accurate and up to date, as well as to prevent any unauthorized access, damages or alternation to, or loss or leakage, etc. of the personal information, the Company takes necessary measures such as maintenance of security system, organizational structure, extensive employee trainings, etc., and implements security processes for strict management of the personal information.

Purposes of Use

Personal information which the Company has received from the person will be used for sending e-mails and documents as a guidance and response of questions from our company.

Non-disclosure and Non-provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

The Company will handle personal information with due care and shall not, except for the following cases, provide personal information to any third party without obtaining the consent of the person.

  • 1. When the consent of the person has been obtained
  • 2. When the Company discloses personal information to its outsourcing contractors to provide the customer services which the person desires
  • 3. When disclosure or provision is required by laws and regulations

Safety Measures for Personal Information

The Company shall take necessary and proper measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.

Inquiry of Personal Information

When requested by the person to disclose, amend, or delete personal information, the Company will process the request upon confirming the person’s identity.

Legal Compliance and Reviews

The Company shall comply with applicable laws and regulations concerning retained personal information, and seek to review and improve the handling of personal information as appropriate.

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